Thanks for visiting our contact us page!

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime via social or from the contact form here on the site. The contact form goes direct to my email and I will get back to you right away (I get a lot of bot spam, so I try to hide my email behind a contact form).

Here are some of the social platforms we use:

  • Facebook (I recently deleted my FB, so this page may not be there anymore)
  • Instagram (where I post random pictures of nature, bugs and the occasional recipe)
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr (A backup of this site, where we post all of our blog posts as well)
  • No Facebook? For now I’ve gotten myself off of big bro FB. Might be back on it in the future, not sure. Until then, the above and the blog are where we post.

Learn more about the Sprouting Fam Family Blog on our About Us page.