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    1. Hey Peter, you need brown sugar or molasses only from what I know. Not honey and not white sugar. Thanks for coming by the blog!

      1. I’m presuming in the case of Honey that it’s not advisable because it’s antibaterial. But wonder why not white sugar.

      2. Hi Kitty, white sugar is processed in a way that takes out all the molasses. Brown sugar keeps the molasses by not removing it all or putting it back in after, but the molasses is the key. There’s something called muscavato that is good too. Thanks for coming by the blog!!!

      3. Hi Ajmal, yes absolutely can. The main complaint with molasses is that it’s more expensive. That’s why most go for the brown sugar. Cheers thanks for subscribing! We’re working a lot over here with our garden and chickens, so I hope to start publishing more KNF related articles soon!

    2. Honey has been used in India for preparing Indian imos in traditional Indian way of natural farming. As honey is costly it is not preferred. But If you want to do it you can. Try methods to prepare pancha gavyam and jeevamrutham in can use honey to replace brown should work in other products also.

    3. Hello only brown sugar or coconut sugar as these have a high osmotic pressure which extracts the chlorophyll and nutrient contents

  1. Hi John and Ling
    My name is Kim and im from South Wales in the. ive recently had more time on my hands and getting back to gardening and my chickens. Im following your blog from today with great interest as I love growing and hate waste! Your methods make perfect sense!

    heres to a good crop this season…..


    1. Hi Kim! I never replied and just now I wanted to and say thanks for the comment and that I hope you’ve had a chance at getting more into your gardening and chickens. It’s funny because this just came to my attention at the exact 1-year mark since your comment. Here’s to another good crop this 2022 season!

  2. I’m enjoying your site. I’m super new to knf, but have been doing no till, no spray gardening for a few years. I am wanting to make an IMO, but I am having a really hard time finding any mycelium. I live with woods all around me, and have hunted, and just can’t find any! Any ideas? Thanks!

  3. It is very impressive documentation work. I want to adopt Natural Farming Techniques in Paddy Field. Please suggest to produce Lactic Acid bacteria to spray on Paddy Plants. Please also suggest methods to accelerate immunisation in Paddy Plants.
    Thank you
    Dr P. Jayapala

    1. Thank you Dr. P. Jayapala. Lactic Acid Bacteria to spray on paddy plants. I’ve made lactic acid bioliquids, but have not ever dealt with paddy plants. I will now have to research all about paddy plants. Thank you for telling me about this.

  4. Greetings from Poland … and thank you for being able to read and gain knowledge. I am in the process of starting a gardening farm …

    1. A farm in Poland! Sounds wonderful! We are now moving from Thailand to Mexico at a tropical area but elevation around 1,500m. It will be interesting to start a garden in this new land. So us too, are starting a new garden soon like you 🙂

  5. My question is whether instead of cane sugar – which is an expensive and exotic product in Poland, you can use waste molasses in the production of beet sugar?

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