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    1. Yes God’s Creation is a wonderful thing. A simple, small seed can become a beautiful tree. And we have so many uses from herbs, plants and vegetables, from food to medicine! It’s a shame herbal remedies are pushed under the rug for pharmaceuticals which are created based off an herb’s medicinal properties in the first place.

  1. Hi Jon and lin
    .I am an almost 90yearold lady. have been a passionate perennial flower gardener for many years. I am barefoot inside, and barefoot outside. daily. Is it healthy or unhealthy to earth on damp or wet ground?
    Also can you refer me to an honest decent place to buy products for earthing….hopefully not too costly. Maybe a pad on my arthritic shoulder…maybe a mat for my computer, something for my bed.
    Also very important how can I ground against possible mold indoors or in walls because of a past faulty garden sprinkle system?
    Thank you so very much

    1. Hello Esme, wow I just saw this comment! I came back to the article to update it and see how you commented a while back. How are you? Wow what a wonderful thing to be 90 years old. That’s amazing. I hope you were able to find some answers to these questions. As far as the mold, I don’t think earthing has anything to do with mold protection or avoidance.. And when grounding yourself, standing on grass with dew or damp grass is definitely the best way. Once again, apologies for replying to your comment so late. I hope everything is good with you. I’ve updated the post with some recommended products, so those should provide you some answers as well.

      1. Hi. So happy to find this blog. I started grounding ten days ago with a grounding mat. I have a question about checking your outlet if it is grounded. If you insert the tester and only the lights go on which are supposed to would that be enough to make sure that the outlet is grounded? Or do you still need an electrician to come and check?

      2. Depending on the tester, if it passes then I’d imagine it’s good to go. But to be 100% positive, I’d really run it by an electrician.

  2. Thanks for the education. Its a great topic. Im just starting building concrete homes and electrical engineering plans are ready for submittal. Ive spoke with my architect about using multiple grounding rods. He doesn’t really understand but is willing to learn. Do you think driving multiple grounding rods would add any more benefit. Any suggestions and resources you my be able to provide. Im also building the house like a faraday cage. Its 11 inch walls filled with 6” of concrete and steel and all roofing will have foil backing. SO looking for some next level grounding methods

    1. Wow sounds like an epic build. I’d think 1 is enough, but I’m really not sure and couldn’t advise. On a side note though, we also have a concrete home, steel within and foil backing roof! I also got ethernet cables going out to the main rooms of the house to plug in direct to the internet. I will have to look into the ultimate grounding for a home. Today my son and I were in a mud fight after a rain so haven’t been too concerned personally, but this would be great to know for buildings yes. Thanks for commenting and sorry I can’t help. I’ll be looking into this though. And if you find out, would love to know as well. Cheers

      1. Hi there anyone come up with some good info on this? I am about to build a house for my family as well and we sleep on mattresses on the floor no frames because it is much more comfortable and we sleep better this way, but how could we get the benefits of grounding while sleeping? What kind of material would our floors need to made out of? Add grounding rods to the foundation? Just interested in this.

  3. First, thank you for your site. I am leery of the products out there, but I am looking for a quality grounding sheet so I can ground all night. Do you know of an effective brand, or would you recommend grounding pads instead? I would really appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Nancy, the sheets are great and comfortable and I would think preferable over the mats for the comfortability factor. As far as brands, my main concern is if they are using organic cotton. You’ll find some with certified organic cotton and mixed the silver fiber. This brand with a weird name looks good and is well priced,, but I have not tried this one out. Can’t remember the brand name of our sheets we have since it’s not on the tag, but this brand looks alright as long as it’s truly certified organic cotton. Really appreciate you coming by and the comment!

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