earthing and grounding

10 Earthing And Grounding Methods For Your Home

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Earthing and grounding have become more important than ever before. Our ever increasing internet connected technological world and foray into messing with the earth’s ionosphere has made this so.

This article is not about the mindfulness, transformational, hippy woo woo type of “grounding.” Although there is something to these grounding techniques as well. And the benefits from them do help with EMF related illnesses. 

This article is about electrical grounding techniques.

Earthing and grounding are transformational, but that’s due to the free electrons and the other benefits that come from soaking up the sun while swimming on the beach or walking barefoot on moist grass.

It’s not from self actualizing yourself as a tree or something.

There’s actual science to back electrical grounding and earthing up (not just pseudo science).

The video below has great information on dirty electricity and grounding. It informs as to why it’s necessary to ground yourself and your home. It answers the following 2 questions:

  1. What is dirty electricity?
  2. Does the radiation from dirty electricity flow through the air or is it restricted in the wires?

If you’re looking for the self help type of grounding, consider electrical grounding and earthing as well because you might find it’s all you need. Your home should be grounded, and you should be earthing yourself everyday too.

This quote from Dr. Stephen Sinatra will sell on you the concept right away:

When we attune to the earth’s electric potential, we soak up negatively-charged electrons that neutralize free radicals in our bodies. Many of Earthing’s reported benefits, such as chronic pain relief and faster wound recovery, may simply result from reduction of free radical activity and inflammation, which frees up the immune system to perform other reparations.

Earthing And Grounding – What’s The Difference?

earthing and grounding

Technically, when referring to anything that’s not a human being, like appliances or your home, it’s “grounding.”

And then “earthing” is applied to us, humans.

Earthing and grounding are basically the same thing. I use the two interchangeably.

Both dirty electricity and Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) are bad for our health. The 10 grounding techniques listed in this article will help you make sure you’re safe.

But first, more on why we need to ground ourselves and our homes.

Why Earthing And Grounding Are So Important

Have you ever shocked someone with a kiss (an actual “shock” feeling, not an emotional shock!)?

Or zapped someone with a touch? Or felt it on a door knob?

These zaps come from the buildup of static electricity in your body.

The more buildup, the more painful the zap.

We can handle up to around 30k volts in our bodies, so that’s a few 9 volt batteries worth of zap. That can be quite painful!

These static electricity zaps should serve as reminders to you that you need to ground yourself. Because we’re electrical.

We Are Bioelectrical Beings.

Because of this, we must ground ourselves in order to function properly.

It used to be so simple. You go out barefoot and you’re grounded. Today the society we live in and lifestyles makes it different.

Back in the day, all humans on Earth were connected to each other through the Earth. We didn’t have rubber soles that separated us from the Earth’s frequencies, and so we were all connected. Your feet ABSORB energy from the Earth. As you stand, your feet serve as little negative ion sponges that then flow the energy through your electric self. The benefits are instant. And if you do it everyday, the benefits are instant AND long term.

Simply put, you’ll live longer.

Today, we live in high rises, apartments, and spend days, weeks and months at a time in rubber sole shoes and tiled or wooden floors that do not conduct the Earth’s frequencies through us. And many actually don’t remember the last time they were barefoot on grass. Not only this, we’re spending our days and nights soaking in EMF. The lack of grounding and sun is bad enough. Add EMF to it, and it becomes a dangerous way of living.

Thus, we are sick. Many get cancer and diabetes. Many are inflamed, and autoimmune diseases of all sorts are not slowing down.

Dirty electricity has been an issue for decades. EMF is the new issue added onto it. All it takes are some simple proactive measures to make sure you’re safe from them both.

10 Earthing And Grounding Techniques

Have you confirmed that your home is grounded properly?

Electrical grounding protects you from electrical surges. Grounding refers to the damping of electrical currents throughout your home.

I’ll start with one of the original grounding methods, the ground rod. It’s a tried and true practice to ground yourself when you’re not down on the first floor of any building.

1. The Ground Rod Method

If you’re up in an apartment that’s not on the first floor, you can stick a rod in the ground outside somewhere and then bring that up in through a window or a hole you drill in the wall.

Use an alligator clip and then clip it to a sock or wristband to ground yourself while working on your computer or just when you’re sitting or even sleeping.

The rod should be 2/3’s in the ground at least, and if the ground is very dry, you may need to water it every few days to make sure you have conductivity.

Moisture is necessary for proper earthing.

There are fully ready “earthing systems” you can buy that include a ground route wire attached to a rod.

Ideally you need to have an electrician check the volts. The institution for electrical engineers has a regulation that 10 volts is acceptable. But 1 to 2 volts is very safe and ideal. The Earth is AC power, so the volts aren’t completely translatable to a battery’s DC power.

2. Electrical outlet grounding

You can use a “ground outlet.” Before you use a grounding outlet, make sure with an electrician that your place is properly grounded. If not, the voltage could backfire. The whole object of doing this is worth reminding. Grounding like this ensures you’re soaking in proper electrons for healing, combatting EMF, and lessening dirty electricity.

3. Ground your vehicle

If you attach a grounding device wire to any metal area inside your car like under your seat and then this can help you fend off fatigue if you suffer from getting tired while driving in the day or night.

4. Ground with cold water pipe or valve under the sink

You can tie a wire around the copper pipe for your cold water under the sink. And if you don’t have a copper pipe below your sink, you should have a metal valve at least.

These work as well.

It won’t work if your pipe and valve are both plastic.

5. Earthing Sheets

Earthing sheets are wonderful. They let you ground all through the night.

If you do this, that means you don’t have to worry about making sure to get grounding every day.

You simply sleep grounded!

6. Shield From EMF Indoors

Air Purifying Indoor Plants are perfect because they clean your air and some have very big leaves, like philodendrons, and they help block EMFs from within your home or from the neighbors’.

7. Go Barefoot

In the morning when the grass has dew. Soil is also excellent for grounding. Grass is great for grounding. I’ve heard that in areas like an Arizona desert for example, you don’t get the same health benefits because of the dryness. I’m not certain about this though it does make sense.

The more you are in contact with the earth, do a picnic for example, will recharge you.

You can walk on cement – most has some moistness.

Asphalt is made of petroleum and it will isolate you – it will NOT ground you. Asphalt, wood, rubber, plastic don’t ground you.

  • They say going barefoot for an hour after a long flight can get rid of any potential jet lag.

If you live in a climate that’ll allow it, just go barefoot everyday. The morning is best when the grass has dew. Even if you don’t live in a temperate climate, check out Wim Hoff and what he’s able to do barefoot in the snow. It’s inspiring stuff!

Earthing and grounding by going barefoot or swimming in the ocean is the best way. However, it’s not always easy or convenient to do these for everyone, and so there are products that help you get grounded easier now. This article emphasizes the natural methods and so I don’t go into the products much. But I will create a future blog post that describes some of the most effective products available on the market right now for convenient at-home or on-the-job earthing.

8. Shoes & Sandals With Leather Soles (or “Earthing Shoes”)

Earth Runners make some of the best “earthing shoes”.

There might be others too.

Any shoe with LEATHER soles is what you need.

Brand names don’t matter. Earth Runners are great though, and their design is interesting as well. They model their sandals off the old Greek army’s sandals used in battle or something along those lines.

9. Earthing patch or “Body Band Kits”

If you have pain somewhere from joint inflammation, try a grounding patch there.

  • you will get relief eventually from the patch because electrons go there first, so they try to heal first there.

10. Earthing Mat

You can sit at your computer with your feet on an earthing mat, or even place the laptop itself on the mat, to counter the effects of EMF and dirty electricity.

An earthing mat is more convenient than clipping a wire connected to the ground rod outside.

You can even sleep on a mat.

The advantage of sleeping grounded, is you don’t need as much sleep to fully charge yourself.

The #1 Method For Earthing Yourself

earthing and grounding

Getting butt naked in the ocean is the very best way to do it. It’s the one that feels the best too. Wearing a swimsuit is just as good so no need to strip off out where it wouldn’t be decent to do so!

Better yet, do it in the Dead Sea.

Ocean water is conductive from the salts.

It’s charged negatively. It provides an ample amount of negative ions.

The beachside air even loads you up on healing negative charged ions. Normal air is usually positively charged. But beach air is healing air. This is not fluffy woo woo stuff. It’s real.

Why do you think surfers are such happy and nice people?

They’re grounded, they’re enriched with vitamin D, and they’re also fit. It almost doesn’t matter what your diet is if you swim in the ocean everyday. That’s how good earthing and ground are for you.

Grounding & Earthing Dangers?

  • Don’t DIY your home’s electrical grounding.

Stray electrical current can do a lot of damage.

Grounding is essential to not electrocute yourself in your own home on accident, or destroy your appliances or electronics as well.

Proper grounding means electrical current end up in the ground and not in you or your electronics.

Because of the testing and severity of damage from doing it wrong yourself, it’s highly recommended to do this with a professional electrician.

When an electrical system is grounded, the currents are guided down a pathway to the ground so that they cannot make contact with people and sensitive electronic equipment. If you have to wire your entire home, it is best to work with a professional electrician to make sure that proper electrical grounding techniques are used throughout your home.

  • I’ve heard that you shouldn’t ground your home because of a “return current.” But when looking into this, it seems this is only the case if a home is using a “single wire return current.” This wire has not been in use in North American homes since like the 1970’s, and instead home’s today are already pre-equipped according to current code standard. This means home’s electrical systems are bonded and grounded already.

What this means is that the metal water and gas pipes must be connected electrically to create a continuous low resistance path back to the main electrical panel. The grounding wire that runs from your electrical panel to grounding electrode helps even out voltage increases that often occur because of lightning and other causes. (Source)

  • Be careful when earthing yourself if you take blood thinners, anti inflammatories or thyroid medication. Earthing is purely natural and safe, but if you have not been grounded for a long time, you never know. The amazing benefits from grounding could be too much good too soon, and it could mess with your meds. I wouldn’t worry about it, but it’s worth a disclaimer.
  • Another danger is simply FORGETTING to take your medication. Earthing’s benefits are instant and noticeable. So much so that you may opt to stop taking your meds, or you may forget. Depending on your medication, this can be dangerous.
  • Don’t use grounding devices during thunderstorms

Grounding in a HIGH EMF Environment:

Just because your cell phone is in your pocket and you’re listening to a podcast or youtube video while walking in the early morning dew’d grass, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting the benefits from grounding and the morning sun’s rays. We get vitamin D through our eyes and skin still. And we still soak up electrons from the Earth. While EMF does make your electrons move fast in your insides, there is no charge in EMF and it can’t zap you. Some say that normal people with healthy bodies have natural shielding from the 2.4 gigahertz non ionizing radiation we get from most current wireless products.

Conclusion: Earthing And Grounding Benefits Are Real

Earthing and grounding can be a key factor to a long and healthy life.

Products to do it are not necessary, but they are extremely useful depending on your situation.

It’s necessary to ground now more than ever before and whatever it takes you should make that happen. If you’re electro-sensitive, and are suffering from poor health, then earthing and grounding may be a God send for you. It will help calm you down and bring your autonomic nervous system back under control. It will heal your adrenals and help you combat EMF and other forms of electricity you’re extra sensitive too.

EMF and dirty electricity waves are deeply tied in with inflammation as we saw in this article. Inflammation always includes pain. Believe me, whether it’s an inflamed shoulder, back, or eye (Uveitis is the worst pain one can ever feel), earthing and grounding are some of the best anti inflammation practices available to us. I’d choose these over ibuprofen any day. And they’re free!

Ensure yourself a pain free future by earthing and grounding.

Electrical grounding techniques provide anti inflammation benefits. Another just as important benefit is the positive reactions from your autonomic nervous system and how you shift from sympathetic dominance (stressed out feeling, adrenals shot, etc.) to the parasympathetic dominance, almost instantly.

Do you have any go-to earthing techniques?

What about grounding yourself from the second story or above?

Do you use a ground rod or a grounding outlet? 

We’d love to know more about your tactics! 

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